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Just let us know! We can make anything!

Access 100+ of factories

We’ve worked with 100+ suppliers (both OEM and ODM) around the world. Let us bring your product ideas to life!

100+ of brands love us

We’ve worked with hundreds of international brands like Carlsberg, Hypebeast and Entrepreneur First to turn their product ideas to life.

All rounded support

Need suggestions for your next marketing campaign? Need designer support? We’re here to help with everything, really!

Carlsberg uses Simple Pickle to build more engaging marketing campaigns. We supplied them with glass beer growlers, tote bags and t-shirts.

Entrepreneur First uses Simple Pickle for their demo day swag! We’ve made them tote bags, water bottles, pens, stickers, cover cameras...

Hypebeast uses Simple Pickle to build stronger internal company culture, ordering retro earring stickers, keychains, stickers, hoodies, and more!

Branding Records, a renouned HK based branding agency, uses Simple Pickle to elevate their branding proposals from digital to physical.